Laser Cutting Table

The ASCO laser cutting table can be used for cutting shapes, roman blinds, pleated fabrics, flags, banners, filters, or other technical fabrics. The CNC controlled CO2 laser can cut any shape, while fumes are extracted immediately using a ventilation system. The cutting system can be combined with a marking system, to mark patterns prior to cutting the shapes. Several software programs are available to generate the desired shapes, including software for fabric optimization (nesting). Laser cutting tables are always built to customer specifications.

  • Cutting dimensions maximum 400×800 cm
  • Stable steel frame with zinc-plated table top, or wire mesh suspension surface for dual-sided fume extraction
  • Accurate guiding system for X and Y axis
  • CO2 cutting laser, 25W, 40W or 100W
  • Exhaust system for removal of cutting fumes
  • Support for one or two inkjet marking systems
  • Joystick control with point laser for easy and flexible positioning of start point
  • Several software programs, including fabric optimization and fault detection
  • Unwinding system with or without edge control, rewinding motor, and back lighting
  • Clamping device to pull fabrics on the table
  • Optional line laser(s) for aligning the fabric
  • Optional marking system for UV and/or sublimating ink
  • Machine dimensions depend on cutting dimensions and options
  • Power supply 208/230/400V, 50/60Hz, 6 bar air supply