Rotary Storage System

The ASCO rotary storage system stores rolls on shafts or in cradles, which are supported and moved using a chain system. These storage systems provide an efficient solution to utilize floor space and can be built as a stand-alone system, or integrated underneath a cutting table. As the chain drive in this system moves all rolls simultaneously, the number of rolls that can be stored in a rotary storage system is limited to 100 rolls.

Several options to transfer the roll to the cutting table are available. Alternatively, the cutting table can pull the fabric directly from the roll while the roll stays in the storage system. A rotary storage system is always built to customer requirements in order to optimize space usage.

  • Rotary system with shafts or gondolas
  • Number of rolls according to customer’s specifications, ranging from 8 up to 100 rolls
  • Stock control software including registration of roll length, roll width, batch number, location, etc.
  • Automatic loading system to transfer the roll from the storage system to the cutting table

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